48 Hours in Nice: The Best Speciality Coffee Shops, Restaurants & Bakeries

Jason Papp
Founder & Editor-in-chief
July 8, 2024

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NICE, FR— Whether you are holidaying in the Côte d'Azur or attending one of the 150 yearly conferences down the coast in Cannes, such as Cannes Lions, Nice, the capital of the French Riviera, is a must-visit.

If you’ve already arrived and dined out in Cannes last night, perhaps you’ve had enough of lukewarm pizza and McDonald’s and you’re ready to venture out. That is, unless you ate at Scalini’s, La Palme D'or (recently renovated), or Le Bâoli, frequented by a certain famed ad-exec and A-listers alike.

But if your budget (or expenses limit) doesn’t stretch that far, Nice boasts better food, better drinks, and better service with a wide array of cuisines.

Here is our guide on how to spend 48 hours in Nice:


Patisserie Julien Dugourd

4 Rue Catherine Segurane, 06300 Nice, France

Photography - THE GOODS

If you are in search of an exceptional croissant or pain au chocolat, Patisserie Julien Dugourd is the place. Julien Dugourd, a pastry chef who has worked for the Prince of Monaco and alongside esteemed chefs like Jean-Georges Klein and Alain Ducasse, opened this patisserie in June 2023. Pastries are prepared with meticulous hygiene standards. The team’s intricate attention to detail and kind demeanour offers a welcome start to the day. If you’re a lover of lemon first thing, try the simple, light, and fruity Le Citron Citron-Vert, it’s a work of art. Equally, popping in for a freshly baked, reasonably priced croissant will not disappoint.


HUG Café

2 Rue de Suisse, 06000 Nice, France

Photography - THE GOODS

HUG’s large terrace and good location, plus the passion of the barista and the great latte art, are key selling points. A Flat White will set you back €5.50, so make the most of it!


34 Rue Pairolière, 06300 Nice, France

Photography - THE GOODS

BRUME brews coffee from our favourite speciality coffee beans roasted in Paris, KAWA. They offer one of the best speciality coffee experiences in Nice. Take a magazine from their rack and embrace the tight but welcoming space; it’s an excellent brunch spot, too.


Café Fino  

39 Rue Gioffredo, 06000 Nice, France

Photography - THE GOODS

Café Fino offers a welcome break from the summer heat. Whether it’s a quick pit stop for coffee or a longer pause, this contemporary space serves up great speciality coffee, fresh, healthy options for brunch, and great smoothies, alongside traditional French comfort food and pastry selections. Try the green smoothie or feta salad.

Café Marché

2 Rue Barillerie, 06300 Nice, France

Café Marché is nestled amongst Old Nice, just a stone's throw from the beachfront. If you don’t mind waiting until 9 am, it's a wonderful place to sit, sip on a coffee, and enjoy an organic, healthy start to the day’s eating. The ‘Veggie Bowl’ is a great brunch option, with their organic pancakes and unconventional cookies on hand to leave a sweet taste in your mouth. It’s also a hit for lunch and dinner and has a very nice terrace for aperitifs on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Le Kawa

23 Rue de Belgique, 06000 Nice, France

If you arrive by train to Nice, le kawa is literally across the road from Nice Ville train station. It’s a great spot to grab brunch and plan your itinerary. Try the eggs royale and freshly squeezed orange juice. Closed on Mondays.


Bistrot d'Antoine

27 rue de la Préfecture, Nice, 06300, France

Bistrot d'Antoine is a traditional French bistro; you’ll feel like you’re sitting in a deleted scene from *To Catch a Thief*. Expect old-fashioned French cuisine such as pork casserole or knife-cut beef tartare. This bistro suits lunch or dinner, but do book as it is VERY popular with locals and visitors alike.

Restaurant Ishtar 

29 Rue Paganini, 06000 Nice, France

Photography - THE GOODS

Ishtar is possibly the best Lebanese restaurant we have eaten at. It’s not a big place by any means, but the restaurant’s sleek branding offers a taste of what’s to come. The food is simply stunning, with delicate and flavourful assemblies. The team at this family-run restaurant is noticeably thrilled to see you enjoying their local cuisine. Try as much as you can; you won’t be disappointed.


Beer District Libération

1 Pl. Philippe Randon, Nice France

Photography - THE GOODS

Great craft ale with local and international options. Mingle with locals and have a conversation with the team at the bar; they’re all great, very knowledgeable, and have an excellent sense of humour.


53 Bd Stalingrad, 06300 Nice, France

After a successful stint in Rome, where their bistro became a culinary landmark, Alessandra and Marco bring their exceptional talent to Nice. With a carefully crafted wine list of around 100 at a time and heart-warming homemade pasta that feels like a hug from Nonna, Epiro brims with generosity and modernity, ensuring every bite is a journey, every sip is a moment to savour. 

It's also a fantastic spot for wine and cocktail enthusiasts, with an extensive selection that promises to delight and surprise. Alessandra and Marco's latest endeavour is not just a restaurant—it's a slice of Italy, right on the French Riviera.

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Jason Papp
Founder & Editor-in-chief