Adidas' VP of Global Retail Design & Consumer Experience On New Brand Centre in Bangkok

Jason Papp
March 25, 2024

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SIAM PARAGON, Bangkok - The global legacy sports brand Adidas is known for its challenger tendencies. And, astute at spotting the winning formula for brand collabs, Adidas has partnered with the likes of celebrities, emerging brands and icons of luxury alike for decades.


Image courtesy of Adidas


Image courtesy of Adidas

So, Adidas’ latest Brand Centre, commanding 1,300 square metres of Bangkok’s Siam Paragon district has to be on point. And it really is. With a luxurious, modern interior, the space is crafted to match the lifestyle and aesthetic of the often dubbed, ‘Krung Thep Maha Nakhon’, (meaning "city of angels" in Thai), super city’s populous. 

Adidas Brand Centre, Bangkok. Image Courtesy of Adidas

The space, intelligently apportioned, takes us on a journey of the icon’s latest and greatest hits. We start with a meander through the forward-thinking, on-trend Adidas x Stellar McCartney collection and on into the more rebellious, avant-garde aesthetic of Y-3 streetwear. 

Adidas Brand Centre, Bangkok. Image courtesy of Adidas.

As part of the MADE FOR YOU service, customers can customise their products to bring out the best of their personal style. And to commemorate the opening, the first 300 customers received a t-shirt featuring a design only available in Thailand.

Adidas Brand Centre Bangkok. Image courtesy of Adidas

But just how does a global brand ensure their latest super-city store opening in an emerging market is relevant and sensitive to cultural nuances but also true to their legacy? 

We chatted to Elliot McFarlane, VP of Global Retail Design & Consumer Experience at Adidas to learn more about their latest Brand Centre in Bangkok. 

JP: How are you and Adidas approaching the blend of local culture and lifestyle into the design of your stores, particularly in markets like Bangkok, to enhance the customer experience while maintaining brand consistency?

EM: The Home of Sport concept is the essence of who we are as a brand , bringing sport and community together through our retail spaces by being truly inclusive and inviting everyone to be part of the adidas family to create moments that matter both inside and outside sport

‘Home of Sport Is where we connect with our brand values, celebrate diversity, and unite through our passion for Sport. 

It's about creating a home for everybody and being part of something bigger than ourselves. After all, home isn't only a place, it is a mindset and a feeling – it’s where we feel comfortable, safe and accepted.  

The Home of Sport celebrates the childhood of our past, the togetherness of our present, and the legacy of our future.

JP: Can you elaborate on the 'MADE FOR YOU' service and its role in engaging customers in emerging markets? How does offering product customisation in retail spaces impact customer loyalty and brand perception?

EM : We see that every consumer wants to be uniquely different or have the edge on the street or on the court. This is what adidas ‘Made for you’ can offer. The chance to personalise and embellish adidas products the way they want to from local graphics, personalised text and fonts across both apparel and footwear, the options are limitless.

JP: The strategy of offering exclusive, location-specific products, like the Thailand-only T-shirt, is great. Could you share insights into how such exclusivity impacts brand engagement and store traffic, especially during store launches in new markets?

EM : Consumers expectations are higher than ever and are looking for something more when visiting a retail space. Equally, they want the experience to complement the service and product we have on display. We also know that tourist traffic is some of the highest footfall we receive, and each tourist / visitor  is looking to take away a little piece of that city or location they were in. 

So by offering localised products we can service that expectation and deliver against the consumers’ needs and additionally with a service like ‘Made for you’ offer to go a step further to make it personal.

JP: Finally, how do you personally feel about the store opening?

EM – For me personally I’m really happy to see the HOME OF SPORT concept roll out globally and the markets adding the local flavour to their spaces , it showcases exactly what the brand and the concept stands for: a home for everyone to celebrate sport and culture.


Credit to the following Adidas team involved:

Andrea Dorigo, Matt Ramljak, Michael Hänsel ,Geoff Sole, Arthur Hoeld, Robert Clements, Alex Poole, Carlos Tejedor Gomez, Priyanka Sharma, Americo Goncalves, Steffen Zipperle, Blessing Malandu, and Samuel Salomone. 

Jason Papp
Founder & Editor-in-chief