LIONS' Just Released It's Annual State of Creativity: Here's 5 Key Lessons (& Priorities) for CEOs, Brands & Agencies

Kelcie Gene Papp
Founder & Editor
May 14, 2024

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Reading between the lines of The LIONS State of Creativity 2024, you’ll be hard-pressed not to notice the impetus on CEOs to lean towards more effective and creative collaborations.

Let me explain.

Throughout its 41 pages, the report subtly but consistently, hints at a shift where traditional leadership models no longer suffice in fostering a culture of innovation and creativity;

And, we couldn’t agree more. 

Actions to prioritise for brand marketing leaders? Inclusive Strategy Development

What do I mean? Involve creative partners early in the strategic planning phase, ensuring that creative ideas are not just add-ons but foundational elements of the brand strategy.

And, it goes without saying this includes action from CEOs who need to be leading creatively, demonstrating a top-down commitment to innovation.

By broadening the definition of creativity, whilst promoting the idea that data and creativity are not mutually exclusive but complementary, you’re encouraging a company-wide understanding of creativity that extends beyond brand marketing and communications.

Another underlying message in the report suggests that creativity is often under-leveraged in strategic problem-solving. Seen more as a tool for marketing than a holistic approach to business challenges. And here’s where agencies can help. By offering creative solutions that address broader business problems, not just marketing challenges you'll add value and showcase the versatility of creative thinking.

Renewed Optimism Amidst Growth Opportunities

The report explicitly highlights a shift from last year's cautious stance to a more optimistic outlook, with a significant portion of respondents anticipating stronger growth. This optimism is backed by an increase in marketing investment, signalling businesses are ready to leverage creative strategies for growth.

Next Steps for Agencies: Craft compelling case studies around successes where creative strategies have driven measurable growth, offering both needed reassurance and inspiration to clients.

Next Steps for Brands: Prioritise and allocate budgets for modernistic projects that have the potential to redefine market presence.

Next Steps for CEOs: Embody and communicate a clear vision that places creativity at the heart of growth strategies, ensuring this vision cascades down through all levels of strategic planning.

Communication Breakdowns as Major Barriers

Despite the optimism, the report identifies communication breakdowns between agencies and brands as a significant barrier, highlighting the need for improved dialogue to prevent these issues from hindering creativity and growth.

Next Steps for Agencies: Implement a structured feedback and communication framework that ensures clarity, transparency, and alignment on all project goals and expectations.

Next Steps for Brands: Encourage a culture of open communication, where feedback is constructive, and different viewpoints are deeply valued to enhance creative outcomes.

Next Steps for CEOs: Keep promoting an organisational culture that prizes clear, effective communication as a fundamental component of innovation and problem-solving.

The Value of Strong Client-Agency Relationships

The importance of a healthy client-agency relationship is underscored throughout the report, with a positive correlation between ease of working together and the success of creative outputs. 

Next Steps for Agencies: Be proactive in understanding the broader business context of your clients to offer more aligned and strategic creative solutions.

Next Steps for Brands: Regularly review and adjust the dynamics of the client-agency relationship to ensure it remains productive, respectful, and aligned with shared goals.

Next Steps for CEOs: Directly engage with key agency partners to reinforce their strategic importance and ensure alignment at the highest levels of business strategy.

Underestimation and Misalignment Hurt Creativity

The report additionally notes a disconnect between how agencies perceive their value to brands and how they are actually valued, pointing to a need for greater recognition of agencies as strategic partners rather than just service providers.

Next Steps for Agencies: Position yourselves as indispensable creative business problem solvers, by scheduling non-operational meetings with clients, sharing insights, trends, and innovative ideas from outside of your client’s category that can drive brand growth.

Next Steps for Brands: Work to eliminate any misalignment by educating agencies early in the strategic planning process on the business; Ensuring they have a comprehensive understanding of both your business and legacy objectives.

Next Steps for CEOs: Facilitate a culture that regards agencies as critical strategic partners, recognising the role their creative contributions bring to the table on both macro and micro levels.

Trust Deficit and 'Play It Safe' Leadership

A notable trust deficit between clients and agencies, coupled with conservative, risk-averse leadership, limits the industry's ability to embrace bold creative strategies. 

Addressing this trust deficit is crucial for enabling a culture of invention.

Next Steps for Agencies: Demonstrate reliability through consistent delivery and by building a track record of transparency and accountability.

Next Steps for Brands: Advocate for creative experimentation within the bounds of strategic business objectives, using data and case studies to support the potential ROI of innovative approaches.

Next Steps for CEOs: Challenge the status quo by celebrating calculated risks (even when they don’t move mountains) and innovative efforts, emphasising the long-term value of creativity in driving business success. Lead by nurturing a culture that values learning from failure, encouraging open dialogue.


The 2024 State of Creativity report from Cannes Lions exposes the pivotal juncture at which the advertising habitat finds itself, with its identification of a powerful pivot towards creativity not merely as an adjunct but as central to the strategic DNA of successful brand marketing. It champions the need for redefining the boundaries of creativity.

The report's emphasis on inclusive strategy development, effective communication, and the strengthening of client-agency relationships signifies more than just a series of next steps for brands, agencies, and CEOs; it represents a broader call to action for the international brand marketing community.

This call to action challenges the status quo, demanding a reevaluation of traditional models in favour of a more fluid, collaborative approach that sees creativity as a fundamental driver of growth, not just a tool for marketing.

In all, optimism is fully reflected in the report. It suggests we are entering an era where brands and agencies bold enough to innovate, prioritise open communication, and forge strong partnerships, placing creativity at the centre of their strategic framework, stand out.

And these entities will become the undisputed leaders. Achieving success with unparalleled speed, resilience, and excellence throughout 2025 and beyond.

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Kelcie Gene Papp
Founder & Editor