Kelcie Gene Papp

Kelcie Gene Papp

Founder & Editor

Kelcie Papp is Founder, Editor and Creative Director.

And, under her editorial direction, THE GOODS explores the people, the choices and principles behind the brand marketing habitat.

From interviewing brand executives to advertising agency senior leaders, Kelcie ensures a 360-view of both their professional and personal lives. A seasoned writer graduating from Bath Spa University with a BA (hons) in Creative Writing and a stint as a performance poet, Kelcie makes sure everything she writes is a true treasure trove of thoughtful analysis and insightful inquiry. (Always with a dash of word play.)

As a seasoned professional with a career trajectory within PR, business development, editorial illustrations to magazine management and website design, away of writing long-form articles, Kelcie can be found crafting terse poetry, searching out the best spot for a decaf oat flat white in Lisbon or sipping fresh coconut water on Carlisle Bay in Antigua and Barbuda.

It's not just about observing the ever-changing landscape of creativity and marketing; it's about actively participating in its evolution. For features and commercial opportunities, she can be reached at

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