Samuel L. Jackson Warns, “Don’t Be Fooled By Deep Bakes” - Warburtons’ Bread Campaign

Jason Papp
December 26, 2023

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Warburtons is a British baking firm founded by Thomas Warburton in 1876. But the Bolton based bread baker’s approach to marketing and brand is far from bland. 

Remember when Warburtons harnessed the help of the Muppets to launch their giant crumpets back in 2015? Today’s currency, we say, is attention. And Warburtons are mastering the art of stopping any Coronation Street fan running to the kitchen during the ad break. The Muppets Warburtons Show was exactly that, a free 30 seconds feel good theatre production.  

As the Muppets were already booked, Samuel L. Jackson has taken the reins for their latest instalment. And once again, this FMCG ad has broken the mould. 

Yes, the Hollywood heavyweight known for his charismatic roles in films like "Pulp Fiction" and "The Avengers," teamed up with Warburtons, the UK's largest bakery brand, for their latest advertising campaign. 

How much did Jackson earn? It’s reported his fee was around £5 million - that’s a slice of extra dough. 

In the new two minute advert the Pulp Fiction star, 74, gives the top job at Warburtons a go, alongside the bakery's real chairman, Jonathan Warburton. Jackson, with his signature intensity and captivating voice, brings a unique twist to the otherwise homely and comforting world of bread. The campaign artfully juxtaposes Jackson's cinematic presence with the simple pleasure of a slice of Warburtons toast. 

Seeing Jackson sharing a cup of tea with Warburtons’ Chairman - priceless. 

It’s the next instalment of Hollywood action in what is becoming Warburtons’ trademark ad.  He joins the class of Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, and George Clooney who are also said to have received six-figure sums when they starred in his campaigns.

But is it all worth the “huge outlay,” as Jonathan Warburton says? With Hollywood ads like this, it seems that bread buyers are reaching for Warburtons more and more. Regardless of the huge outlay, profits and market share continue to rise. 

In fact, according to Kantar, in 2022 Warburtons remains Britain’s most chosen brand. 

The ROI on this current advertising campaign, which includes TV, social and OOH, is yet to be fully seen. But it doesn’t seem Hovis has any plans to host the top spot yet. Unless Hovis is paying Tom Cruise to pull out a cheese and tomato sandwich made with Hovis Granary Wholemeal Bread during the next instalment of Mission Impossible, it’s safe to say that Warburtons profits are on the rise again. 

This advertising campaign with Samuel L. Jackson is not just about promoting a product; it's about telling a story, evoking emotion, and making bread more than just a staple food. It's a cinematic experience, and we're all here for it.

A good lesson for any legacy brand in a crowded market. 

Gotta be aware of those deep bakes! Thank you for the community service announcement guys.

Well done for capturing Warburton's brand voice and northern whit so well.

Credit to Andy Lee, Jonny Porthouse. Design by Alex Talikowski.


Jason Papp
Founder & Editor-in-chief