Here's How Butterfly Cannon and Diageo India Created a New Indian Spirit Legacy in 80 Days

Kelcie Gene Papp

December 26, 2023

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Marking their first venture into local craft spirits, Diageo India came to Butterfly Cannon to kick-start a range of uniquely prestigious Indian spirits. We rooted our concept in the Indian Banyan Tree. It's majestic canopy and far-reaching roots a befitting symbol for the unique spirit of the Indian visionaries the range is dedicated to.

Traditional Indian folk art inspired an infinitely tesselating and strongly embossed motif. Showing longevity

and depth and evoking the past, present and future. Tones of blue and teal were chosen, representing the leadership and nurturing character of Anand Kripalu, of United Spirits Ltd., who this first release of 2000 numbered bottles is dedicated to.

A tight brief, trusting relationship and a client prepared to put in the hours with us enabled the project to be turned around in record time - 80 days from concept to production.

Butterfly Cannon is an independent, award-winning design agency dedicated to working with aspirational brands and sustainability. Their clients include Johnnie Walker, Montezuma’s Chocolate, Farrow & Ball, Hennessy, Moët & Chandon, Tanqueray, Ciroc, No7, Bulleit, Glenmorangie, E & J Wineries, and Twinings of London.

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