HUGO BOSS Opens Their Doors at The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue

Jason Papp
March 25, 2024

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The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue is dubbed the ‘posh annex to the massive Dubai Mall, presenting over 200 luxury designer fashion brands’. A ‘new era’ of luxury, they say. 

If you are yet to visit, the premium dining boasts an exquisite setting with views of the Dubai Fountain. And when you are ready to shop, their ‘hands-free’ offering makes for a seamless retail experience. The service allows you to shop and leave your bags at the stores after your purchase so you can continue your shopping, ‘hands-free’. They’ll have your items delivered to your chosen location within the mall, your home, or your hotel. 

So when another luxury brand enters into this space, VPs of Retail must ask, “How do you create a shopping experience fit for The Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue?” Being the place for luxury shopping in the Middle East, it boasts the highest customer traffic worldwide. And when your brand will sit amongst other high-end shopping outlets ready to welcome high-paying clients, any new entry needs to be something special.

Debuting a new store here requires outstanding, high-quality attention to detail. So when HUGO BOSS opened its doors here they collaborated on something special.

At this new space, consumers are invited to engage in a personalised shopping experience where digital and hospitality elements join each other.

Interactive screens and their custom BOSS scent welcome the consumer, adding to this multi-sensory experience and, ultimately, the customer's emotional connection to the space and the brand.

Timothy J Foster, Global Head of Retail Performance, states, "It's a fantastic step forward for us."

What really sets this store apart is its engagement with local culture. In a brilliant move, HUGO BOSS has chosen to showcase original works from local artists, turning the store into a small gallery that honours the region's talent. 

This does not only add aesthetic value but also enriches the cultural relevance of the store, creating a unique blend of luxury and local heritage. 

The future of luxury retail is not just in the product hype but in the overall experience that surrounds it.

Credit: Oliver, Luigi, Christopher, Victoria, Harm, Timothy, Dominik. Mona, Julia, Bala, Laura, Marcin, Juuli, Nicolas.

Jason Papp
Founder & Editor-in-chief