This is How R/GA and Fender Struck a Chord in the Metaverse

Jason Papp
December 26, 2023

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R/GA is a global creative network that offers services across communications, brand relationship design, technology strategy and engineering, and media planning and buying. By collaborating across disciplines, they create new solutions at the intersections of design and technology, data and creativity, business building and brand building. They help clients such as Reddit, Nike, Sephora and Uber, to find the next wave of growth and win the next generation of customers.


Fender’s Stratoverse is an out-of-this-world VR/AR music experience part of Meta’s Horizon Worlds, built in collaboration with R/GA. The world consists of a guitar-shaped island surrounded by clouds, floating high up in the stratosphere.
Users can explore the headstock, neck, and body of the guitar island before reaching the main attraction: the Riff Maker scavenger hunt, a gamified experience allowing seasoned and new players to explore and create music in the Fender Stratoverse.


We saw a huge opportunity to partner on a Horizon Worlds experience with Fender, whose brand values are rooted in inspiring more potential players to pick up the guitar.


We worked hand in hand with Fender’s team to envision how a 76-year-old brand can authentically show up in a new way. Their willingness to wade into unfamiliar waters and try things out was crucial to success. We wanted to create an environment where people can come together, learn a little bit about chords and music theory and connect with their friends over creating their own music.

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Jason Papp
Founder & Editor-in-chief