Stanley Tucci’s New Tenacious Gin Cocktail Recipe and Tanqueray's New Bottle Design

Jason Papp
May 14, 2024

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Classic London gin brand, Tanqueray has unveiled a new No. 10 bottle design and to mark the occasion the Diageo outfit are doing something rather refreshing. 

On April 3rd, Tanqueray kicked off a year-long series partnering with global tastemakers as they “Make it a TEN” with a series of residencies worldwide led by top bartending talent. 

So how would you kick off a new bottle design and series of residencies?

Location-wise, you’d start where Tanqueray was born, right? London. The Connaught Bar, London offers up an ideal backdrop to the series’ rather suave kick-off.

Tanqueray has hired the help of none other than Stanley Tucci and resident tastemaker Ago Perrone to sketch out the first experience and set the bar for what’s to come.

The inaugural residency will delve into the friendship and dialogue between two of Tanqueray's esteemed tastemakers,  Perrone and Tucci, who collaborated to create a bespoke experience at The Connaught Bar.

When Tucci attended a "guest shift" at The Connaught Bar, the two first met. It was at The Connaught where Tucci learned expert techniques from the 'master of the martini', and took his at-home cocktail ventures to the next level.

Stanley shared his inspiration for the experience, sketching the botanical artisanship of Tanqueray No. TEN, which was then developed into a bespoke cocktail creation by Ago.

Oozing with admiration, Tucci says: "Cocktail making is a unique craft, that welcomes curious and inventive minds to push the boundaries of flavour and hospitality. I'm delighted to partner with Tanqueray No. TEN to celebrate bartenders as the true artists that they are, with cocktail residencies across the world. The new bottle is a beautiful homage to the brand's heritage, craft and longstanding place in the world of bartending."

The colours in shot and caption font fittingly depict the hues of the new bottle design and the botanical flavours we experience with a gin-based cocktail. 

Tucci, Tanqueray’s No. 10 brand partner plays his jovial, “Italian on both sides” relaxed self. The staged monochrome photographs shot throughout communicate the heritage of the brand and capture an impressive chemistry between Tucci and Perrone. 

“We’ve known each other for a few years now,” explains Tucci. “Sometimes [when] you start working with someone you’re like, ‘Oh, I’m not so sure I want to work with that person.’ That didn’t happen.”

“We met in a bar,” Perrone muses. “When you meet people in a bar you know the spark is genuine.”

Tucci and Perrone genuine friendship also bodes well on screen. Luxury London reports that 'they make quite the impeccably-suited, incredibly-charming double act.'

This is a celebrity endorsement of a product but it doesn’t feel so. I’m just watching Tucci create a cocktail in The Connaught, right? Am I left questioning whether Tucci partakes of a Tanqueray? No. 

This is a far cry from the questions AB InBev’s recent ad with David Beckham for Stella Artois throw up. 

Tucci’s Tenacious Tanqueray Gin Cocktail Recipe:

  • One ball of ice into the glass 
  • One measure of Tanqueray Gin 
  • One 30ml measure of Vermouth Rosso 
  • 30ml measure of peach shrub (mixer) 
  • 90ml of Italian chilli and sun-dried tomato distillate (sun-dried tomato and chilli infused vodka is also a good substitute). 

Now, mix or shake. 

Then, pour from a height and move the cup further towards the ground to, in Tucci’s words, “Give it aeration, not dilution.” Grazie, Tucci. 

Now, pour it into the glass. 

Finish with a peach and berry fruit garnish and a spritz of green mandarin essential oil. 

And there we have it—Tucci’s Tenacious Tanqueray Gin Cocktail.

If this all sounds too much and has left you shaken, rather than stirred head down to The Connaught Bar in London to give it a taste. 

You can also visit Giulia Cuccurullo at The Artesian, Keila Urzaiz de Calignon and Yoann Tarditi at Satan's Whiskers, Matteo Di Ienno, leading cocktail and botanical expert from Italy, Oisin Kelly from The Sidecar at The Westbury Hotel, Andy Ferreria from Cask in Cork, Emily Doherty from The Merchant Hotel Cocktail Bar in Northern Ireland, award-winning independent bartender Tiffanie Barriere from the USA, and more.

Big thanks to Stanley Tucci and resident tastemaker Ago Perrone.

Jason Papp
Founder & Editor-in-chief