Why Your Winter Getaway as a Creative Director Should Be This Cabin Near Mont-Tremblant

Kelcie Gene Papp
March 25, 2024

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All stays that THE GOODS features are independently reviewed by us who are usually hosted on a complimentary basis. We may earn a commission if you book via the links below, but this never affects our honesty.

My introduction to Mont-Tremblant was born out of a search for an ideal writer’s retreat, one draped in the certainty of snowfall. Skiing doesn't grace my list of talents, but the embracing of silence does. With snow acclaimed as nature's premier sound barrier, I embarked on a quest as focused as a tracker, leading me to the discovery of La Conception in Quebec, Canada.

When did you last encounter true silence? The kind that is so all-encompassing it induces a temporary sensory shock, prompting you to press a palm to your ear, create an air pocket to 'pop' them (though this is ill-advised) just to test the auditory waters? In La Conception, winter doesn't alter the hue of the land; it summons a stillness that appears to suspend time itself.

A stone's throw from Mont-Tremblant and within a scenic 90-minute journey from the culinary heart of Montreal, hintercabin x emerges, bathed in the muteness of winter. This isn't a shift in scenery; it's an immersion into tranquility that resonates in your very marrow.

According to the University of Kentucky, this soundproofing of nature can absorb up to 60% of ambient noise. And the snow's hold around hintercabin x doesn't simply mute the din of the outside; it offers a harbour for the mind. 

This silence is not an absence but a vessel of abundance, encouraging the mind to meander unfettered from the constant barrage, to discover self in the  reverence of a winter-wrapped forest.

As the brightness of the snow amplifies the light, Stockholm University's Arne Lowden reminds us that this isn't just a spectacle for the eyes but a balm for the soul, lifting spirits dampened by confusion-clad echo chambers of the industry—a gateway to emotional and cognitive revival.

The first glimpse of hintercabin x reveals that it's far more than just a place to stay—it's an invitation to reawaken creativity. Here, the collision of snow and sun isn't just a meteorological event; it's a call to rediscover one's spontaneous disposition often lost in adulthood. The tranquil environment doesn't just soothe; it actively tugs at the heart.

For those who thrive on creativity and contemplation, this tug is a familiar beckoning. Within the embrace of hintercabin x, the minimalist design inspired by Japanese aesthetics extends beyond visual appeal—it serves as a mental palette cleanser, welcoming your inner bard however you might express yourself creatively.

Every detail in hintercabin x, from the tactile entertainment of eco-friendly fabrics to the majestic view of Mont-Tremblant's summit, transcends its function. They're not details; they're prompts, shaping an environment where the imagination is not just present—it's celebrated.

The interiors of hintercabin x embody a harmony that goes beyond design; they resonate with intention and clarity. The simplicity of clean lines and open spaces, the raw beauty of wood echoing the great outdoors all combine to create an environment that is both grounding and liberating. Each piece of furniture, each chosen shade, stands as a testament to balance—anchoring without weighing down, offering detachment without disconnection.

In this open-plan sanctuary, contact is the cornerstone—not just between individuals but between the mind's thoughts and ideas. Without the interruption of copious numbers of walls, creativity flows as freely as the natural light that is so thoughtfully allowed to fill the space. While the lighting, subtle yet precise, guides your focus without demanding it.

hintercabin x isn't merely a place to lay one's head; it's home of form and function, ‘une maison orchestrée’ that does more than accommodate—it inspires. And, it's here that one finds not just a respite from the merciless pace of life within the marketing and design industry, but deliberate design to awaken and fuel the fire of creativity.

All that I find myself left to say, is how will hintercabin x transform your creativity in 2024?


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Photography courtesy of Michael Jesus, Sise Drummond, Mel Vandersluis and David Dworkin.

Kelcie Gene Papp
Founder & Editor