5 Best Neutral Scarves To Own This Winter

Kelcie Gene Papp
February 6, 2024

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LISBON -The last time I invested in a wool scarf was a couple of winters ago, and it feels like it's high time for an upgrade. Let's be honest: finding the perfect scarf is no simple feat—it's easy to wrap up in just about any fabric, but discovering that one piece that melds sublimely with every look is a challenge.

For those of us committed to a capsule wardrobe, the stakes are even higher. But here's the silver lining: I've curated a concise list of five essential scarves that will carry us neutral aficionados through the chilliest of seasons. Trust me, these are the ones you'll be daydreaming about.

1. Claudie Pierlot Fringed Wool Scarf in Gris $164

Established back in 1984 for the ladies of Paris, Claudie Pierlot always brings undeniable simplicity. This scarf, built from 100% higher-welfare wool, shouts a tint resembling the underbelly of an African grey parrot. It’ll raise your temperature, your spirits and your outfit. It's a piece that doesn't just accessorise; it enriches.

2. LouLou HOLT Cashmere Scarf in Beige Melange $583

Chloé Harrouche's design fuses plush comfort with resilient elegance. This quilted cashmere piece isn't just another scarf—it's your next style investment. Crafted from responsibly sourced fabrics, its quilted texture adds a unique tactile element that sets it apart from stock scarves. This isn't just an accessory but an investment in lasting style and comfort—your go-to armour for life's everyday battles. In sum, it's a must-have piece that merges authentic French simplicity with meticulous craftsmanship.

3. Acne Studios Canada Skinny Wool Scarf - $150

The ACNE Studios navy scarf is a minimalist's dream with practical warmth. A tad larger than a typical winter scarf, it's decked with a subtle designer plaque and perfect for anything from meetings to spontaneous Sunday coffee runs. This versatile accessory effortlessly complements any outfit,  making every day feel a little more put together.

4. LOEWE Camel and Black Scarf in Wool and Mohair - $750

The Loewe scarf in a camel and black palette is a tactile and visual masterpiece, blending medium-weight wool with a touch of mohair for that evasive blend of warmth and luxury. Generously sized, it's perfect for cocooning yourself on chilly days but not so bulky that it steals the show. While the LOEWE branding and anagram-embossed leather tab serve as subtle badges of distinction, it's more than just a scarf—it's an art piece for your neck, making even a quick dash to the grocery store feel like a runway moment.

5. COS Chunky Ribbed Undyed Pure Cashmere Scarf -$225

This premium scarf is the epitome of ethical opulence. Crafted from 100% traceable cashmere, certified to the Good Cashmere Standard, its off-white hue and rib-knitted texture anchor easily into any ensemble. The dimensions offer lavish coverage without smothering your style, making it the ideal companion for a brisk day out. Pair it with its matching beanie, and you've got more than a set—you've got a statement.

Kelcie Gene Papp
Founder & Editor